The Astrologer's Diary

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Thursday 1st

How to Navigate Your Outer Planet Transits with Teresa Moorey. Decoding the hidden messages of outer planet transits helps you navigate major life-changes more successfully. Marriage, illness, divorce, spiritual breakdown/breakthroughs, sudden opportunities, career changes and personal transformations are the kinds of changes we go through when the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are particularly active in our birth charts.Teresa will use examples from well-known people as well as members of the audience. Location: Cheltenham. Information and booking: Aquarius Severn Astrology Society

Tuesday 6th

Uranus (retrograde) re-enters Aries 19:00 GMT

Wednesday 7th

NEW MOON 16:02 GMT 15°11 Scorpio

Thursday 8th

Jupiter enters Sagittarius 12:38 GMT

Thursday 15th

Mars enters Pisces 22:21 GMT

Friday 16th

Venus turns direct (at 25°15 Libra)

Saturday 17th

Mercury turns retrograde (at 13°29 Sagittarius)

Thursday 22nd

Sun enters Sagittarius 09:02 GMT

Friday 23rd

FULL MOON 05:39 GMT 00°52 Gemini

Sunday 25th

Neptune goes direct (at 13°42 Pisces)

Friday 30th

Studies in Inductive Divination (part 4) Four monthly afternoon seminars, run as part of the katarche programme and supporting studies on the MA Myth, Cosmology & the Sacred at Canterbury Christ Church University. One goal of our explorations is to bridge ancient divides between practices of symbol interpretation and major spiritual and religious forms, including Christianity. 2:12 - 5:45 at 6 The Friars, Canterbury CT1 2AS. Book individual seminars or all four sessions; advance booking recommended. Information and booking:


Saturday 1st

Mercury enters Scorpio 11:12 GMT

Sunday 2nd

Venus enters Scorpio 17:02 GMT

Thursday 6th

Mercury goes direct (at 27°17 Scorpio)

Friday 7th

NEW MOON 07:20 GMT 15°07 Sagittarius

Wednesday 12th

Mercury enters Sagittarius 23:43 GMT

Friday 21st


Sun enters Capricorn 22:23 GMT

Saturday 22nd

FULL MOON 17:49 GMT 00°49 Cancer


Tuesday 1st

Mars enters Aries 02:20 GMT

Saturday 5th

Mercury enters Capricorn 03:40 GMT

Sunday 6th

NEW MOON 01:28 GMT 15°25 Capricorn

Uranus goes direct 28°36 Aries

Monday 7th

Venus enters Sagittarius 11:18 GMT

Sunday 13th

Jupiter square Neptune (at 14°21 Sagittarius/Pisces)

Sunday 20th

Sun enters Aquarius 09:00 GMT

Monday 21st

FULL MOON 05:16 GMT 00°52 Leo

Thursday 24th

Mercury enters Aquarius 05:49 GMT


Sunday 3rd

Venus enters Capricorn 22:29 GMT

Monday 4th

NEW MOON 21:04 GMT 15°45 Aquarius

Monday 18th

Sun enters Pisces 23:04 GMT

Sunday 10th

Mercury enters Pisces 10:51 GMT

Thursday 14th

Mars enters Taurus 10:51 GMT

Tuesday 19th

FULL MOON 15:54 GMT 00°42 Virgo

MARCH 2019

Friday 1st

Venus enters Aquarius 16:45 GMT

Tuesdat 5th

Mercury goes retrograde (at29°39 Pisces) until 28th March

Wednesday 6th

Uranus enters Taurus 08:26 GMT

NEW MOON 16:04 GMT 15°47 Pisces

Wednesday 20th

SPRING EQUINOX Sun enters Aries 21:58 GMT

Thursday 21st

FULL MOON 01:43 GMT 00°09 Libra

Tuesday 26th

Mars enters Gemini 06:12 GMT

Sunday 31st


Venus enters Pisces 19:43 GMT