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22nd - 24th June 2018

DIAMONDS IN THE SKY Celebrating our 50th Annual Conference and 60th birthday of the Astrological Association. To get the latest news on this very special event, follow the Astrological Association on Facebook or subscribe to our regular In The Loop email newsletter


Thursday 3rd

Tithi : The Solar-Lunar Angle in Your Chart In Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), the Panchanga (Hindu Calendar) has at its core the relationship between the Moon and the distance it has travelled from the Sun. This Sun- Moon angle points to five key themes that will always reign in our lives. Each of these angles have a unique flavour that colour our way of being. Enormous insights can be deciphered solely from the Solar-Lunar relationship, long before we have even delved into the Natal Chart! 7:30 to 9:30pm at The Isbourne Holistic Centre, 2 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham.

Friday 4th

Jupiter square Pluto at 17°30 Libra / Capricorn

Saturday 5th

Dignity and Debility Afternoon workshop with Karen Meakin at The Perry Tree Centre, Dovedale Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham B23 5BX (corner of Dovedale Road and College Road). 1.30pm to start at 2.00pm to 5.00pm. £15. More information: or visit Birmingham Astrology Group

Monday 7th

FULL MOON 18:11 GMT 16°25 Aquarius

Friday 11th

Bedford Astrology Club August Social Bring some food & drink to share and any charts you might want to discuss, and any names of speakers you would like to see booked for the club in future. Email:

Friday 18th

18th - 25th FAS Summer School Venue: Exeter College, University of Oxford. Information:

Monday 21st

NEW MOON 18:30 GMT 28°53 Leo

Tuesday 22nd

Sun enters Virgo 22:20 GMT

Sunday 27th

Jupiter sextile Saturn at 21°11 Libra / Sagittarius


Saturday 2nd

Astrology and Weather an afternoon workshop with Ian Carlisle. 1.30pm to start at 2.00pm to 5.00pm at The Perry Tree Centre, Dovedale Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham B23 5BX. (on the corner of Dovedale Road and College Road). Cost 15 or 12 if booked before 6th August 2017. For more information email: or visit the Birmingham Astrology Group site.

Wednesday 6th

FULL MOON 06:07 GMT 13°53 Pisces

Friday 8th - 10:

49th Annual Astrological Association Conference
Full details here

Thursday 14th

14th - 20th: Discovering Astrology at the Greek Island Summer School. Learn about astrology while you enjoy the sun and the company on the stunning Ionian island of Lefkada. Suitable for beginners through to intermediate. From Sun signs to first steps in prediction, learn how astrology really works and how your own horoscope holds the keys to your character, destiny and purpose, in both your personal life and out in the world. For more information email Joanna Watters or go to the website: Greek Island Summer School

Wednesday 20th

NEW MOON 05:30 GMT 27°27 Virgo

Friday 22nd

Sun enters Libra 20:00 GMT


Thursday 28th

Jupiter opposite Uranus at 27°22 Libra / Aries

Pluto turns direct at 16°51 Capricorn


Thursday 5th

FULL MOON 18:40 GMT 12°33 Aries

Tuesday 10th

Jupiter enters Scorpio 13:20 GMT

Thursday 19th

NEW MOON 19:12 GMT 26°35 Libra

19th - 23rd: SOTA2017 State of the Art Astrology Conference. Venue: Millennium Hotel, Cheektowaga, NY, USA.

19th - 22nd: OPA Retreat Program 2017 "The art of living and dying" Venue: Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Monday 23rd

Sun enters Scorpio 05:27 GMT

Saturday 28th

Family Patterns in Astrological Practice A workshop with Lynn Bell. Sun and Moon, Saturn and Venus are first experienced through the great ruling forces of our childhood; our parents. We interpret the world using the cues they give us, while their responses were in turn influenced by others, the extended families and ancestors whose successes and failures, quirks and talents, are often found as repeating planetary patterns in our own lives, and in our charts. The closer we look, the more we see mysterious repetitions of dates, parallel events, strange twists of fate that mirror stories from earlier generations. We will identify and work with these patterns, to see how we can honor the past, and walk our own path in life at the same time. More importantly, how do we meet the unlived energies of our ancestors, that seem to rise up again in our own experience? What are the ghosts of the past asking from us, before we can go on our way? Location: Glasgow. Cost: £45 (£40 if booked berfore the end of August OR if a AR/SAA/AA member). Information & booking: or email


Saturday 4th

FULL MOON 05:23 GMT 11°59 Taurus

Saturday 18th

NEW MOON 11:42 GMT 26°19 Scorpio

Wednesday 22nd

Sun enters Sagittarius 03:05 GMT


Sunday 3rd

FULL MOON 15:47 GMT 11°40 Gemini

Monday 18th

NEW MOON 06:30 GMT 26°31 Sagittarius

Wednesday 20th

Saturn enters Capricorn 04:49 GMT

Thursday 21st

Sun enters Capricorn 16:28 GMT